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Prestige Deluxe Aluminum Series

  • Stylish & Energy Efficient: Featuring a sleek design, the unique body with rounded sides of this Prestige pressure cooker 3 litre allows hassle-free cooking with easier stirring, better visibility, and easy food removal for serving.
  • Exclusive Pressure Indicator: Cook without worrying about excess pressure build-up thanks to the ground-breaking pressure indicator feature of this induction base pressure cooker.
  • Gasket Release Mechanism: An efficient safety measure, the gasket aids in maintaining airtightness and the pressure between the pan and lid. It ensures safe cooking by releasing the pressure in case of a block in the vent.
  • Safety Plug: Making cooking simple and secure, the metallic safety plug fuses at the appropriate temperature and pressure to eliminate risks.
  • Sturdy & Convenient Handles: The heat-resistant handles of the pressure cooker's ergonomic design make it simple to lift or carry from the stove to the kitchen counter.
  • Prestige Quality Assurance: Manufacturing and designing highest quality products for over 80 years to make your life easier in the kitchen. A brand that you can trust
Size / Weight:
  • Product Code: Prestige Aluminum Deluxe PLUS
  • Category: Pressure Cookers
  • MPD10701 - 3 Ltr.
  • MPD10702 - 5 Ltr.
  • MPD10703 - 7.5 Ltr.
  • MPD10704 - 10 Ltr.
  • MPD10705 - 12 Ltr.
  • MPD16000 - 16 Ltr.
  • MPD20000 - 20 Ltr.